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100% copper bullets for precision shooting up to 300 meters

Box of 50 pcs
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CB (G1)
Price (x50)
.30 152 gr / 9,85 7,82 mm 33,70 mm 0,435 A1860 60,55 euro
.30 158 gr / 10,24 g 7,82 mm 32,97 mm 0,440 A1909 63,89 euro

Note: The 158 g version is equipped with an hollow-point, for expansion on impact, where required by the regulations of some shooting ranges.

Made of 100% copper

Build quality with minimal tolerances

Reduce residues in the barrel

Optimal ballistics with various types of rifling

Lead-free bullets in 100% copper alloy, optimized for precision shooting up to 300 meters. They are made of a special alloy, with high quality standards on weight and dimensions. Hollow-point bullets are also available, so that you can use them in shooting ranges that do not allow FMJ or monolithic bullets.