Copper monolithic bullets

Copper monolithic bullets

Lead-free bullets are increasingly a necessity imposed by the regulations of various countries, both in the hunting world and in that of sport shooting.

A new generation of monolithic bullets

The new MRR BULLETS bullets are monolithic copper bullets, a family of bullets intended for the reloading of precision shooting ammunition, able to deal with the best products currently on the market.

The new MRR BULLETS bullets adopt an innovative solution (Registered Patent) which makes the geometry of the empty spaces between the bullet’s driving bands vary from cylindrical to truncated conical.

These advantages are even more evident in barrels with semi-polygonal or multi-radial rifling, where the contact surface between bullet and barrel is greater, but MRR Bullets have also responded well to the traditional rifling.

The innovative design, combined with the utmost attention to finishes and dimensions, guarantees superior quality and effectiveness. All MRR bullets are built with certified quality materials.

Patented innovation

The design of MRR Bullets facilitates the movement of material during the compression of the bullet in the rifling, decreasing the deposit of residues inside the barrel and improving the consistency of the harmonic vibrations of the barrel, which in turn affect the accuracy of the weapon.